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      Welcome to the home of Semper Vigilans on the World Wide Web
Semper Vigilans is a new Legion that operates on Nezekan Server in the US Release of Aion. Our Manifesto reflects our new standing traditions of respect and involvement. Formed in late Oct 2009, our group has members who enjoy nearly every discipline within the game including, PVE, PVP, Roleplay and Crafting. Please enjoy our site. 

UPDATE: Semper Vigilans has just reached Level 3! In just 3 days we have brought this legion from an idea into reality. Special thanks to the generous donations of Souljade, Beamer, Llamky, Kimchi, Zoomer and most of all Fearing, we couldn't have done it without your support!

SV Update :D

Dofu_the_Chanter, Nov 8, 09 1:36 AM.
Congrats to the winners of our first SV events: Antaggonist & Medici :D. Antaggonist won the "naked race" and Medici won the guild portal raffle; we took an awesome pic of the racers in their lite armor (check it out in the gallery :). Sorry Andre was dead already guys =(. We'll try that one again. On a brighter note, SV did capture an artifact for about 3 minutes against some crazy 40+ asmos, so check out those pix too if you missed it :D.

Raffle for Joining SV Guild Site Tmrw!

Dofu_the_Chanter, Nov 7, 09 2:17 AM.
Tomorrows the last day to sign up for the guild site and get rewarded for it x). There's tons of great info in the forums and different tabs (and Kimchi did an awesome job putting in relevant in game data) so it's worth the 1 minute sign up to get plugged in. Raffle winner gets to pick 1 item from the legion warehouse! Legion WH list will be updated soon... Gluck to all! SV <3. Dofu.

SV Legion Event :D Kill ANDRE!

Dofu_the_Chanter, Nov 7, 09 2:13 AM.
Let's see what our legion is made of! 7PM PST (10PM New York) (1PM Sydney) we'll meet at Eltnen Fortress--do a naked race to Andre and kill him :). A prize for the winner of the race and glory for killing Andre as an alliance x). Naked race means no gear, no buffs, no pots, etc... See you then! SV <3. Dofu.

Semper Vigilans is looking for Officers!

Kimchi222, Oct 30, 09 2:55 AM.
Legion Officer Application

Semper Vigilans is in the process of creating an officer application process:
We are looking at strengthening or base and will be considering members who are interested in contributing to the Legion

Some of the factors we will be considering:
1.) Website registration
2.) Forums participation
3.) Ability to help out on instances/PVP
4.) Contribution to the Legion bank.... this does not mean you can simply buy your promotion (unless c-notes are involved /U.S. currency only please jk)
5.) Legion loyalty
6.) Maturity .... this will be demonstrated in your ability to not take anything to seriously when playing the game and simultaneously being able
to diffuse any disagreements that come up with lower level members
7.) You need to be able to handle a disagreement with another officer without taking it personal or making it personal

Semper Vigilans will be creating a Forum for those who are interested in maintaining an officer position.

About Class Leader:

We will also create a class leader position for each class that will hold officer status. These people will have the same duties and functions as officers
but will also be in charge of helping out their class and when problems crop up will be in charge of either resolving them or bringing them up with the other

Per exemplum: A Cleric who has a problem with another Legion member for whatever reason will bring this to the attention of their respective class leader

I'm sure i've left a lot of things out and we are still trying to pinpoint what type of officers we need. Please comment with your suggestions below and we will consider them. 
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